Anti-globoside GL-4 (polyclonal antibody)

CATALOG # 1960
Amount 50 µl
Price $375.00
Anti-globoside GL-4 (polyclonal antibody)
  • Catalog #:1960
  • Scientific Name:Anti-globoside GL-4 (polyclonal antibody)
  • Common Name:Polyclonal antibody to GL-4, isotype IgG/IgM
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  • Data Sheet:View Data Sheet
  • Formula Weight:n/a
  • Unit:50 µl
  • Solvent:none
  • Source:rabbit
  • Purity:serum, not purified
  • Analytical Methods:ELISA, TLC immunoblotting
  • Natural Source:rabbit
  • Solubility:water
  • Physical Appearance:liquid
  • Storage:-20°C
  • Dry Ice:Yes
  • Hazardous:No
  • Literature References:Application Notes:

    Anti-globosides are very useful in the identification of globosides and immunotargeting cells that express globosides. Globoside is the P-antigen of the P blood group. An inability to convert globotriaosylceramide to globotetrahexylceramide leads to the Pk blood group phenotype. In this phenotype anti-globoside antibodies are produced.3 There have been indications that the antibodies directed against the globoside antigen on suppressor T cells stimulate the suppressor T cells, and that anti-globoside antibodies in cancer sera may play a role in causing immunodeficiency in cancer patients.4

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