WSFA-2 Mixture, water soluble fatty acid qualitative mix

CATALOG # 1106
Amount 5 ml
Price $165.00
WSFA-2 Mixture
  • Catalog #:1106
  • Scientific Name:WSFA-2 Mixture (qualitative)
  • Common Name:WSFA-2 Mixture (qualitative)
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  • Data Sheet:View Data Sheet
  • Formula Weight:mixture
  • Unit:5 ml
  • Solvent:water
  • Purity:mixture
  • Analytical Methods:GC
  • Solubility:water
  • Physical Appearance:liquid
  • Storage:Room Temp
  • Composition:acetic, propionic, isobutyric, n-butyric, isovaleric, and n-valeric acids, 1 mg/ml each
  • Dry Ice:No
  • Hazardous:No
  • Literature References:Application Notes:

    This mixture contains several water-soluble fatty acids and is ideal for their identification by gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and high performance liquid chromatography and is prepared from high purity stock materials.. Knowledge of the fatty acid content of bacteria can be of great benefit in understanding microbials and can be of great nutritional importance in animals and humans.1,2,3 This is a qualitative mixture and should not be used for quantitative purposes.

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