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3-Keto-dihydrosphingosine is a vital intermediate in the biosynthesis of ceramides.1,2 It is formed by the condensation of L-serine and palmitoyl-CoA by the serine palmitoyl transferase enzyme.3 It is then reduced to dihydrosphingosine, converted to ceramide, and eventually synthesized into many types of sphingolipids. C18-keto-dihydrosphingosine is the major sphingolipid precursor in the early and intermediate stages of cell life, while C20-keto-dihydrosphingosine is a minor component. Towards the end of the cell’s life the ratio of C18 to C20 keto-dihydrosphingosine becomes more equal. 3-Keto-dihydrosphingosine is a critical regulating step in the availability of sphingolipids in cells. Vitamin K deficiency results in the inactivation of the serine palmitoyl transferase enzyme causing a resultant shortage of sphingolipids.


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Catalog #: 1876
CAS#: 18944-28-0
Unit: 10 mg
Catalog #: 1891
CAS#: 1314999-30-8
Unit: 10 mg
Catalog #: 1892
CAS#: 1824382-78-6
Unit: 10 mg
Catalog #: 1893
CAS#: 1823032-02-5
Unit: 10 mg
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