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Carbohydrate Mixtures

These alditol acetate mixtures are quantitative and are prepared by a precise gravimetric technique. The mixtures are ideal for the analysis of polysaccharides, especially those of the plant cell wall.

Component Name Cat. No.
  1124 1125
Rhamnitol pentaacetate X  
Fucitol pentaacetate X  
Ribitol pentaacetate X  
Arabinitol pentaacetate X  
Mannitol hexaacetate   X
Galactitol hexaacetate   X
Glucitol hexaacetate   X
Inositol hexaacetate   X

Catalog #: 1124
Unit: 50 mg/ml, 1ml
Catalog #: 1125
Unit: 50 mg/ml, 1ml
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