Water Soluble Fatty Acid Mixtures

These short-chain, water soluble fatty acid methyl ester standards are qualitative mixtures prepared by precise gravimetric technique. Each methyl ester mixture is carefully prepared by weight and the composition is verified by gas chromatography.

If you do not see a mixture listed that meets your specific needs, please contact the staff at Matreya. We are always happy to make custom mixtures according to your individual requirements.

Carbon # Fatty Acids Cat. No.
    1106 1108
C2:0 Acetic X X
C3:0 Propionic X X
iso C4:0 Isobutyric X X
C4:0 n-Butyric X X
anteiso C4:0 2-Methylbutyric   X
iso C5:0 Isovaleric X X
C5:0 n-Valeric X X