Glycosphingolipid Reference Mixtures for TLC

These qualitative mixtures are prepared from highly pure materials and are especially suitable for HPLC and TLC analysis. Glycosphingolipids are involved in many neuronal, degenerative, and tumorigenesis diseases and are therefore being closely investigated in many research areas. The accurate identification of various glycolipid classes in biological samples is vital to successful research.

If you do not see a mixture listed that meets your specific needs, please contact the staff at Matreya. We are always happy to make custom mixtures according to your individual requirements.

Component Name Catalog Number
  1505 1508 1509 1510 1511 1065 1525
Galactosylceramides X            
Lactosylceramides X     X      
Ceramide trihexosides (Gb3) X            
Globosides X            
asialo-GM1         X    
Ganglioside GM3   X   X      
Ganglioside GM2   X          
Ganglioside GM1   X     X X X
Ganglioside GD3     X X      
Ganglioside GD1a     X   X X X
Ganglioside GD1b     X   X X X
Ganglioside GT1b         X X X

Catalog #

Cas #




TLC Neutral Glycosphingolipid Mixture

TLC Lactosylceramides & Sialosyl Derivatives Mixture

TLC Gangliotetraosylceramide & Sialosyl Derivatives Mixture

Mixed Gangliosides, purified, bovine (NH4+ salt)

Mixed Gangliosides, purified, porcine, (NH4+ salt)