GLC Standard Mixtures

These fatty acid methyl ester mixtures contain equal weight quantitative components and are prepared by a precise gravimetric technique. They are composed of high purity stock material and contain saturated and unsaturated fatty acid methyl esters. Each methyl ester mixture is carefully prepared by weight and the composition is verified by gas chromatography.

If you do not see a mixture listed that meets your specific needs, please contact the staff at Matreya. We are always happy to make custom mixtures according to your individual requirements.

Carbon # FAME Catalog Numbers
    1095 1097 1098 1099 1100 1101 1102 1103 1104 1105
C8:0 Methyl octanoate (caprylate)   X       X        
C9:0 Methyl nonanoate           X        
C10:0 Methyl decanoate (caprate)   X       X        
C11:0 Methyl undecanoate           X        
C12:0 Methyl dodecanoate (laurate)   X       X        
C13:0 Methyl tridecanoate             X X    
C14:0 Methyl myristate   X         X     X
iso-C14:0 Methyl 12-methyltridecanoate                   X
C15:0 Methyl pentadecanoate             X X   X
anteiso-C15:0 Methyl 12-methyltetradecanoate                   X
C16:0 Methyl palmitate X X X       X     X
C16:1 ω7 Methyl palmitoleate (cis-9)       X            
iso-C16:0 Methyl 14-methylpentadecanoate                   X
C17:0 Methyl heptadecanoate               X    
anteiso-C17:0 Methyl 14-methylhexadecanoate                   X
C18:0 Methyl stearate X   X           X  
C18:1 ω9 Methyl oleate (cis-9) X     X            
C18:2 ω6 Methyl linoleate (cis-9,12) X                  
C18:3 ω3 Methyl linolenate (cis-9,12,15) X                  
C19:0 Methyl nonadecanoate               X X  
C20:0 Methyl eicosanoate (arachidate)     X   X       X  
C20:1 ω9 Methyl eicosenoate (cis-11)       X X          
C20:2 ω6 Methyl eicosadienoate (cis-11,14)         X          
C20:3 ω3 Methyl eicosatrienoate (cis-11,14,17)         X          
C21:0 Methyl heneicosanoate               X X  
C22:0 Methyl docosanoate (behenate)     X           X  
C22:1 ω9 Methyl erucate (cis-13)       X            
C24:1 ω9 Methyl nervonate (cis-15)       X