Lipid Mixtures

Matreya offers a wide selection of fatty acid methyl ester and glycosphingolipid mixtures. By studying the quantitative analysis of animal and vegetable oils, fats, and lipids, the American Oil Chemists Society has found certain mixtures to be useful as reference standards. The composition of many of these mixtures is similar to the distribution of natural oils and tissues. All mixtures are ready for analysis. Each methyl ester mixture is carefully prepared by weight and the composition is verified by gas chromatography and TLC. Benefits of knowing the fatty acid content of bacteria include understanding microbes and animal nutrition. Understanding the role of enzymes and regulatory pathways in human pathogens is important to drug development. Microbial fatty acid profiles are unique from one species to another and can therefore be used in the determination of bacterial identity. If you do not see a mixture listed that meets your specific needs, please contact the staff at Matreya. We are always happy to make custom mixtures according to your individual requirements.

Complete Table of Methyl Ester Mixtures (PDF)