Antibodies for Glycolipids

Matreya's monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are directed against the carbohydrate chains of ganglioside and globoside glycolipids. The same carbohydrate moieties are found on many glycoproteins. Several gangliosides have been found to have elevated expressions in tumor cells. Therapeutic treatments are being investigated using antibodies to target these ganglioside-rich cells.1 Matreya's antibodies are ideal for use in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and TLC immunoblotting applications.2 All antibodies are quality tested by actual ELISA and TLC immunoblotting analysis. They contain no preservative and are shipped on dry ice for optimal performance.


  1. G. Orsi et al., "GD2 Expression in Breast Cancer" Oncotarget Vol. 8:19 pp. 31592-31600, 2017
  2. L. Pyoria et al., " Extinct type of human parvovirus B19 persists in tonsillar B cells" Nature Communications Vol. 8:14930, 2017

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Anti-ganglioside asialo GM1 (polyclonal antibody)

Anti-ganglioside asialo GM2 (polyclonal antibody)

Anti-ganglioside GM1 (polyclonal antibody)

Anti-ganglioside GD1b (polyclonal antibody)

Anti-ganglioside GD3 (monoclonal antibody)

Anti-globoside GL-4 (polyclonal antibody)